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Are most people making sculptures of great figures in local areas for the purpose of tourism rather than as role models?


Young people in big cities seem to pursue a gradually homogenized life, as if they have a few predetermined options and blindly move forward without considering what they really want.

The feeling of jealousy often comes from people around us. Living under the same roof, why are you doing so well? This creates an imbalance in the heart, leading to jealousy. For distant and unattainable people, there is admiration rather than jealousy in the heart.

When thinking from a long-term perspective, important things can be summarized into a few categories: about oneself, physical health, hobbies; about the connection with the outside world, intimate relationships, financial security.

However, besides working to earn a salary, how much time do we reserve for other aspects every day?


When can reading become a common topic of conversation? The overall atmosphere of reading needs to be improved. Nowadays, when it comes to reading, many people still see it as a pretentious and lofty behavior.


It is surprising that chili peppers were originally grown as ornamental plants in China.


A good question may not have a standard answer, but it will inspire us to seek more questions until we gradually approach the answer.


When you arrive in a new place and have not yet understood its operating rules, it is not advisable to give too many opinions. Because you don't know the logic behind it or the historical reasons, making sudden suggestions will only expose your audacity.


The setting of the education system does not apply to everyone, but it allows the majority to complete their studies within a certain period of time. Therefore, if you have goals and are willing to work hard, do not be confined to the education system. Complete the required learning content in less time and then expand your own interests.


You're so amazing, you know all this.

I just knew it a little earlier, and now you know too.

A gentle sentence.

Admiring Tolstoy's life, writing and revising articles every day, reading and replying to letters, taking walks and riding horses, reading books and playing cards. Especially reading and replying to letters, in addition to having one's own life, there are also connections with the outside world and people who care. That feeling is really great.


Kohlberg's stages of moral development.


Tolstoy's diary shows his kindness and even cuteness. The spirit of continuing to write in the final moments of life is truly precious.


Judging a person based on a single skill or ability is not good. Just because someone is a programmer, does that mean they must be good at fixing computers? Does the head of a literature department have to be proficient in classical Chinese? Looking at a person from multiple perspectives is a basic literacy in the internet age.


After reading the book "The Sleep Revolution," I have to say that the author is too verbose. Things that could have been explained in one or two thousand words had to be written into a book. Apart from the cliché advice of not using electronic devices before bed, the main takeaways are as follows:

  • Treat sleep as a form of restoration, not just simply sleeping.
  • R90 sleep plan, which means that each sleep cycle lasts for 90 minutes, and it is best to have 5 complete sleep cycles every night.
  • Sleep posture is important: side sleeping is the healthiest.
  • Investing in a good mattress, especially one that aligns with your sleep posture requirements.


I've been busy lately and haven't had time to read books. It feels like I've lost my own relaxation time, and I feel tired and guilty.


Recently, my mode of transportation has changed to taking the bus, and I have developed the habit of listening to podcasts. I have listened to several good podcasts that talk about Jin Yong's martial arts novels. The host is a girl who analyzes the characters from a female perspective, opening up another world of martial arts novels for me.


When facing different people, different labels are displayed. A multi-faceted life with diverse labels. Is it good or bad to be labeled?

Didi's profit margin is 3%, and Meituan's profit margin for food delivery is 4%.


Sometimes, people are easily satisfied with their sense of superiority in knowledge and their so-called compassion and sympathy. Because the more people like to discuss abstract concepts, the more they feel noble. The more you find abstract people adorable, the less you find people around you adorable. You are too busy loving humanity that you have no time to love specific individuals.

  • Luo Xiang


Data guides action and should always be kept in mind.


If a book bores you, put it down. It is not for you. But if you find yourself engrossed in a book, read on.

  • Jorge Luis Borges

The same goes for reading and making friends. Don't force yourself to engage with something that doesn't suit you.

There is a classic saying that has recently become popular: "I give you one candy, and you are happy. When you see me give two candies to someone else, you start to judge me. But you don't know that he has also given me two candies, while you haven't given me anything." - For those who take things for granted.

  • @littlecrazyca

I have seen similar people who, after enjoying continuous favors from others, occasionally question the person who provided the favors when they stop. How come there are no more favors?!

You don't necessarily have to become a successful person, but you have to be a genuine person, a good person.

  • @keso

Being a genuine person and a good person, this statement is well-written.


From an economic perspective, core advantages refer to things where you have a relative productivity advantage. The higher your productivity in something, the more likely others will give up producing the same product and buy from you instead - because they can save money, which brings wealth to you.

This also applies to our purchase of Sensetime services. We can collect and analyze data ourselves, but Sensetime is more professional and comprehensive. By purchasing their services, the company can save energy and time, which means saving money. Sensetime takes advantage of this to make money.


Lately, many people are attending cram schools, believing that if they don't attend, they will fall behind. However, is attending cram schools always effective? For example, if a child knows there will be cram schools, they may not pay attention in class and rely solely on the after-school sessions.

Today, I came across an educational approach that I really liked. It involves reaching an agreement with the child: either spend money on cram schools or don't spend money and let the child teach the mother after school until they have mastered the subject. This approach has the benefits of output driving input and also utilizes the Feynman learning method, which has scientific basis. It can also improve family relationships, achieving multiple goals at once.


China lacks three types of education: sexual education, love education, and death education. These three types of education correspond to the three pillars of life: physical integrity, abundant soul, and the value of life.


China lacks three types of education: sexual education, love education, and death education. These three types of education correspond to the three pillars of life: physical integrity, abundant soul, and the value of life.


Output drives input, and input reflects on output. This also applies to writing articles. Many times, I am the only reader of my articles, but once they are written, the purpose has already been achieved. Continuously reading and reflecting, and then updating, is a way to improve the output.

Long-term fund investment has given me the greatest realization that it requires more discipline than frequent trading.

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