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When a stewardess woke up a passenger loudly, the passenger seemed to have gained some kind of recognition and began to discuss things loudly with another passenger, continuing the discussion in this tone for half an hour.

Don't expect to meet well-mannered people on the train. The probability is as low as the probability of crossing a river without wetting your shoes.

Jolin Tsai is really dedicated. She can sing and dance for ten minutes without taking a breath. Her live concerts must be very exciting.

To the person who designed the short holiday, I wish them a long life.


The vehicle notification information in the Didi status bar surprisingly does not include the color of the vehicle. Is it not more identifiable to have color + license plate number than vehicle model + license plate number?

Do not let diligence numb your lack of future planning.

I found a good voice: Sand Dune Research Institute, two recent articles:

The quality of the articles is good, with a novel perspective. The same-named public account is Sand Dune Research Institute.

The essence of design is control and freedom. The iOS system embodies the thinking of designers, while the Android system is more like the thinking of engineers. The former has strict control, but also balances well with freedom; the latter is more open, but the cost is that excessive freedom can easily lead to chaos.

If you want to enter a well-built beautiful garden, then the iOS system is the best choice. However, the iOS system, with its almost absolute control, is also not conducive to creation. For users like me who hope for openness and freedom, and even in some aspects do not recognize existing designs and need to redesign, the iOS system is naturally not suitable for me.

If you don't recognize the world designed by these guys, then come and change it.

For me, reading has never been a symbol of effort, it is just a pastime.


Even home appliance company Skyworth has started making cars, giving a feeling of when everyone was rushing to make mobile phones.

Our education seems to lack the cultivation of problem-solving thinking and abilities, which leads to either using brute force to resist or avoiding when encountering things. This is particularly evident in some children, and it seems to have some meaning for the frequent suicide incidents. Inspired by the knife attack at Beiliu Kindergarten and recent jumping incidents.


The principle of testing water in the subway: use spectroscopy to measure the dielectric constant and conductivity of the liquid to determine if it is flammable and explosive.

If I can refute the viewpoints I agree with better than anyone else, then I am qualified to have them.

  • Munger

Diversification is called wealth management, not investment.

Cancel Culture: a social behavior in which a group completely boycotts someone because they said or did something that offends you, especially on social media.

Li Xiaolai wrote an interesting article about traditional Chinese medicine: on-Chinese-Traditional-Medical-Treatment


There are many predictable and unpredictable things in our lives.

Staring at photos after beauty filters, hearing short videos playing in the ear, swallowing greasy takeout, and screaming when caught in the subway door. Is this the visual, auditory, taste, and touch of most modern people?

Levels of goal power: The first level is having no goals; the second level is being able to set goals; the third level is being able to design and achieve goals; the fourth level is being able to set goals based on necessity, and then reflect on the gap between one's abilities and resources to fill that gap.

  • Zhang Hui

Improve your ability to discover and solve problems.


The high school entrance examination and college entrance examination are tools for screening, and school district housing is also a tool, but the price is the most direct screening tool.

"In the Record of Xiang Ji's Studio," it is really sad that the "loquat tree in the courtyard, planted by my wife in the year of her death, is now as tall as a roof." Although there is no word of sadness, it is full of a sense of sadness.

Dataism. Nowadays, we live in the era of dataism, and we rely on data more than ever before. We rely on data to judge the value of things, and the content of articles depends on metrics such as reading count and likes to judge their value. Originally, data was only meant to serve content, but now it has become the master, and content has become dependent on data.

Hou Shida's Law: The time it takes to do something is always longer than you expected, even if you consider Hou Shida's Law in your expectations.


Recently, I learned a new term, "resume hopping," which means changing jobs too frequently and not staying long in each company, which will be judged by large companies' human resources as resume hopping.

This is a typical practice of looking at appearances without looking at essence. Not staying long in each company is the appearance, but not understanding why, only looking at what, and then judging a person's past experience, personal abilities, personality, and values, although the screening is simple and efficient, it is biased.


Depression is related to genes, which means that depression can be hereditary.

Reading is not a symbol of effort for most people, it is just a form of entertainment.

I remembered that Wang Xing posted two tweets on Fanfou before. The first one said that someone can finally compete with Tesla in terms of technology and hype, and the next one mentioned Huawei making cars. The target of his remarks is self-evident.

Then, on Zhihu, there was a question about this matter in less than a day, and most of the answers below were standing with Huawei and criticizing Wang Xing.

Interestingly, Wang Xing's original intention should not be to belittle Huawei. Judging from his previous statements, he actually has a high opinion of Huawei. However, he was still taken out of context and misinterpreted by those with ulterior motives.


I feel more and more that there are actually not many films that can truly be called "movies." Many so-called movies in theaters are just called movies, but they are not really movies. They have lost the spirit of movies and the essence of movies. They cannot withstand the test of time and are at best tools for making money.

Busy with life, busy with death. It becomes busy with reading, then busy with saving money for material things, and finally busy with death. What about enjoying life?


After so many years, I am still an INTJ personality type. It seems to be engraved in my behavior.


Psychology is a science and needs to have falsifiability.


"The Works of Qima," who would have thought that the mysterious Qima Blue in his works turned out to be a swimming pool?


Hesitation in a thousand ways is no match for a call from home.


"What's Wrong with My Brother" What exactly is the theme it wants to express? From the title of the film, it seems to be shot from the perspective of the younger brother, but in reality, it is shot from a god's-eye view. If it is to express the theme of family affection, but the film is full of the tearing of a broken family and the intolerance between siblings; if it is the theme of independent women, the line where the female lead says she works so hard just to make her parents happy, how can that be called independence?


Most people would rather die than think.

  • Russell

Their application is more concise and efficient than other applications, so when users use Instagram to capture moments of life, they can spend less time than other applications. Because Instagram does not have a website, users can only use it on their phones, which makes the content shared on Instagram more immediate and intimate.

  • "Decoding Instagram"

Observe -> Feel -> Need -> Request.


People hate others enjoying privileges, but when they have the opportunity to use privileges and use them, do they think about how others will hate their behavior?

Retina has two types of cells, rod cells and cone cells. The former is responsible for recognizing light intensity, while the latter is responsible for recognizing colors.

If sharp criticism completely disappears, mild criticism will become harsh. If mild criticism is not allowed, silence will be considered sinister. If silence is not allowed either, not praising enough will be considered a crime. If only one voice is allowed to exist, then that voice is a lie.

  • Unknown

When testing a product, use prototypes to quickly verify the four major risks:

  • Feasibility risk (engineer responsible)
  • Usability risk (designer responsible)
  • Value risk (product manager responsible)
  • Viability risk (product manager responsible)
    The team should be given the task of "solving problems" rather than specific functions.

Don't ask the barber if he needs a haircut.


China also has beliefs, such as ghosts and ancestors.

Socializing is the exchange of information, and being alone is for thinking and reflection.

The default options of a product hide all morals.


To understand a company, in addition to looking at financial reports, also look at board reports and important matters to understand the board's judgment on the market and control of the company.


Most people would rather die than think.

  • Russell

If a person falls into a cesspool, the first thing to do is to close their mouth.

  • Da Zhangwei

This is particularly appropriate for certain platforms.

"Exploration" and "Delivery" are very different goals and challenges.

Exploration and delivery of various companies:

  • Google: fake it, make it
  • Facebook: move fast, don't break things
  • Airbnb: build things that don't scale, build things that do scale

Build prototypes during exploration and products during delivery.

The way to solve problems should involve product managers, designers, and engineers, so that they can learn from each other and come up with the best approach, rather than each person going down and taking on their own work.

The four core capabilities of a product:

  • In-depth understanding of users and customers
  • In-depth understanding of user data
  • In-depth understanding of the business
  • In-depth understanding of the industry


We dislike others enjoying privileges, but when we have the opportunity to use privileges and use them, do we remember that others will also dislike our behavior?

Observation -> Feeling -> Need -> Request.


As of March 2020, the proportion of netizens with primary school and below, junior high school, and high school/technical school education is 17.2%, 41.1%, and 22.2% respectively. The proportion of netizens with college associate degree and above education is 19.5%.

  • Unknown


Many people's intelligence cannot understand the "difference in intelligence quotient" in most cases.


Most people would rather die than think.

  • Russell

They are more concise and efficient than other applications, so when users use Instagram to capture moments of life, they can spend less time than other applications. Because Instagram does not have a website, users can only use it on their phones, which makes the content shared on Instagram more immediate and intimate.

  • "Decoding Instagram"

Observe -> Feel -> Need -> Request.


Nowadays, Instagram has an advertisement for every three photos, and the pursuit of delicate Strom will definitely not let his product become like this. Only Facebook will do this.

The vast majority of the time, people laugh not because they are happy, but because of some social things, such as "I want to join you" or "Your status is higher than mine."

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