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Data can tell you what people are doing, but it can't tell you why. Therefore, it still needs to be combined with specific scenarios to understand.


I bought a box of fruit from Pinduoduo and waited for three or four days for it to be delivered. However, most of them were rotten. I contacted the seller, and they quickly refunded me. But what surprised me was that they kept emphasizing that I must send them a photo of the box of fruit being thrown into the trash can. Why is that?


People who invented verbs deserve respect, such as "Google it" and "Baidu it"... They can turn a noun into a verb. Although they may be embarrassing in some aspects, they are admirable overall.


I remembered chatting with a colleague and realized that her home is not her safe haven, but a terrifying harbor to avoid. Every time she goes home, she has to make a big decision because she will be immersed in that social network and constantly invade her life, which she hates the most. It seems that sometimes I am like that too.


When flushing the toilet, I thought of a question. Because the large button is the most prominent and easiest to press, I often press it. However, the large button is for a full flush, and the small button is for a half flush. Usually, only half a flush is needed after urinating, right?

Beijing Ping An Zhi Di Real Estate Brokerage Company is rubbish, remember that.


If the monthly salary flow can reach more than twice the amount of the monthly mortgage payment (usually 2.2 times), it is basically a high-quality flow.

The act of forwarding can destroy some expectations of those who follow you. When others follow you, they hope to see what you see, experience what you experience, and create what you create, rather than seeing updates from various unfamiliar people.


First, figure out what the problem is. Then, solve it in the simplest way possible. #product

Writing text is time-consuming, and thinking about what to say is also stressful. But posting pictures is much simpler. Telegram's attachment prioritizes shooting, and WeChat Moments has shooting as the first option. Besides the lower pressure, there is also authenticity. Because shooting a photo is different from uploading a photo. Shooting represents the present moment, which is more real, while uploading conveys a sense of perfunctoriness.

The same applies to video and live streaming platforms. This form of shooting allows people with a desire to show off to easily post updates, while also satisfying those who like to peek into other people's lives. #product


Recently heard about some confusing actions: a certain place notified elderly people over 60 to get vaccinated and receive eggs; students at a certain school were vaccinated on behalf of others.

The single elimination system is more like an internal competition mechanism, as it can result in people in the team losing their jobs due to the excellence of others.

The book "Don't Stick to One Style" is interesting, as one netizen's short review says: "After the boss reads it, they want to lay off employees, and after the employees read it, they want to resign."


When considering things from a longer time frame, you will find that many things are unnecessary. For example, the recent hot topic of Alibaba Cloud Drive's closed beta has attracted a large number of people due to its affordability. But one year later, three years later, ten years later, will everyone still use it?

I remember about five years ago when I first started using Baidu Cloud Drive, I expanded it like crazy and got several terabytes of space. But now, I haven't opened it for a long time. I think the same will happen with Alibaba Cloud Drive, so I won't bother with it.

A letter from Hu Shi to his son:

I raised you not out of gratitude, but because of the biological instinct of blood ties. Therefore, since I have no gratitude towards you, you don't need to repay me. Instead, I want to thank you because with your participation, my life is more complete.

I just happened to become your father, and you just happened to become my daughter or son. I am not your prequel, and you are not my sequel.

You are an independent individual, a soul different from mine. You did not come because of me, but because of your thirst for life. You are free, and I love you. But I will never "in the name of love" control your life.


Speaking softly when you succeed and speaking loudly when you make mistakes. Being honest about mistakes is beneficial and harmless.


When experiencing a city, the most important thing is its ancient buildings and artifacts.


We are often told that ordinary employees should have a boss mindset in order to have a longer-term strategic vision. But in reality, to have such a mindset, you need to have access to a lot of "high-level internal" information, which is locked inside the company. It's like going to watch a game without knowing the rules, how can you appreciate it?


When it is discovered that the main person in charge is spending time on trivial matters, the employees leave decisively.

Processes bring a sense of control to management, but they can also slow down the pace.

Today's app updates are surprising: Telegram enhances group voice/channel voice, supporting raising hands and recording; Twitter supports 4K images and videos.


Due to recently reading about Duan Yongping, I am not surprised at all by the news of Huang Zheng leaving Pinduoduo. He has shades of Duan Yongping and Elon Musk, an interesting person.


Enthusiasm is a very pure emotion that does not require deliberate purposes, so it can be very beautiful. Once there is a purpose, it becomes impure and loses its beauty.


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The purpose of a discussion is ultimately to understand the truth or to reach a consensus?

Food industrialization → Central kitchen → Meal kits → In-store processing → Customers

Today I learned a term: meal kits. It's a small tea bag-like thing that saves you a lot of effort in cooking. However, while saving effort, it also poses health problems. This kind of meal kit can have a shelf life of one year, indicating that it is impossible to be preservative-free. Therefore, there are pros and cons.


According to the prospectus, Zhihu's total revenue in 2020 was 1.352 billion yuan, an increase of 101.7% compared to 671 million yuan in 2019. Advertising revenue accounted for over 60%. In addition to advertising, from early 2019 to the end of 2020 (1Q19~2Q20), the contribution of paid memberships to revenue increased from 12% to 20%.

Now I have developed the habit of checking if I need to become a member when reading answers on Zhihu. Similarly, when reading articles on public accounts, I scroll to the bottom to see if it's an advertorial.


Today is White Day, and next month's April 14th is said to be Black Day, which is for singles.


Effective communication requires a background, otherwise it is difficult to go deep and will only stay on the surface. Due to the anonymity on the Internet, many people communicate and comment based on their own background, which easily leads to a scenario where they look down on each other. Gentle viewpoints seem to be hard to find in such an environment.


Not understanding something means not doing it, but it also comes with a loss, which is opportunity cost.


Short-term planning and excessive design often result in excessive thinking or just ordinary procrastination. In terms of creativity, testing 10 bad ideas is more effective than spending several days coming up with a perfect idea.


It is terrifying that people spend more than fourteen hours a day using various screens.


International Women's Day is actually International Working Women's Day, commemorating the women's rights movement, but it has been promoted by many media as Goddess Day, crazily guiding consumption. Many women have been influenced by this idea and feel that it's wrong if they are not blessed.


㍿, a Japanese Kabushiki Kaisha (株式会社), similar to a Chinese limited liability company. #TIL

The purpose of a discussion is to understand the truth or to reach a consensus?

Clearview is a useful PDF reader for Mac.


Nowadays, social platforms/social apps have turned the introduction section into a display of identity.

Elon Musk modified his introduction 23 times in just one year in 2020. When WeWork's IPO failed, many investors deleted any parts of their introduction text related to WeWork. On various social platforms in China, such as Weibo and Jike, you can also see many people posting their identity/position/university/experience in their introductions.

An interesting saying from the author of this article: We treat our identities like software. Software can be iteratively updated and connected to other software (usually in the form of data exchange), and identities are the same.


Emotional stability is a very important advantage for adults, but it seems that many people don't have it on their list. Just like kindness, it is the most underestimated virtue.

When communicating and reporting, it is necessary to be candid, truthful, and consider things from the perspective of others. What they really need to know is the situation.

Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway avoid making predictions because it is a bad management habit that often leads to management embellishing reports.
——"Buffett's Shareholder Letter"


Low emotional intelligence, when applied to specific situations, is truly a blessing for some people.


The nine giants: Founding Titan, Attack Titan, Armored Titan, Colossal Titan, Jaw Titan, Female Titan, Beast Titan, War Hammer Titan, Cart Titan.

Each titan has its own characteristics, but isn't the Female Titan too special? It doesn't seem to have any outstanding features. If it accidentally falls into the hands of a male inheritor, what should it be called?

The European dictionary is great because the words recorded in the vocabulary list can be reviewed through its mechanism in the software. It can also be reviewed using a desktop widget, which is great.


Excessive planning and excessive design often just mean excessive thinking or ordinary procrastination. In terms of creativity, testing 10 bad ideas is more effective than spending several days coming up with a perfect idea.
——"Replaying Netflix"

Focus is one of the key factors in Netflix's success. At the beginning, there were two paths: DVD rental and DVD sales. Selling DVDs couldn't compete with Amazon, so they focused on rentals. Later, they had to choose between individual rentals and subscription-based rentals or both, and they ultimately chose to only do subscription-based rentals. Each step was crucial and required great courage.


Reading "Replaying Netflix". Ideas are important, and then comes the co-founder. In order to better understand the film market, Reed Hastings went to great lengths to bring in Mickey, who was passionate about movies. It turned out that Mickey also brought great value to the team.


Reading "Replaying Netflix". If your website needs to explain to users, then you have lost. The same goes for product pages and product flows. Try to make it clear at a glance what it is and what to do, and avoid products that are full of tips, as they are not good products.

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