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I have been looking for a user-friendly software that allows me to control my phone with my computer, and I have finally found a suitable one.

Why Do We Need to Control Our Phone with a Computer?#

The main reason is convenience, which can greatly improve efficiency in many tasks.

  • File and photo transfer
  • Clipboard sharing
  • Inconvenience of switching between certain software without a computer version

These are my main requirements, especially for file transfer and clipboard sharing. Currently, I have to use WeChat or Telegram as a transfer station, which is extremely inefficient.

Of course, there are other reasons as well, such as certain apps like CoolApk not having a computer version, which makes it torturous when trying to write articles with images.

For some people, there is even a need for keyboard mapping on the computer, so they can play mobile games using their computer.

In fact, there is another great use for this, which is perfect for slacking off at work. Your boss thinks you're diligently working on your computer, but you're actually doing something else.


After extensive searching, I found a software called "Wormhole" that supports almost all platforms.

Official website:

Supported platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux (in development)

Connection methods: Wi-Fi, USB

Cost: Basic functions are free, advanced functions can be unlocked with payment

Actual Experience#

I have a Mac and an Android device, and after a day of using it, the functionality basically meets my needs. Here are my subjective impressions.

When connecting, I found that I couldn't connect through Wi-Fi. My computer kept showing "Device not found." So I joined the official Telegram group and reported the issue. Unexpectedly, there were many helpful users who solved my problem. The solution was to connect via USB first, then unplug the cable and reopen the software.

The delay is almost imperceptible when using USB connection. There is a noticeable delay when using Wi-Fi connection, which feels like using a laggy Android phone from ten years ago. The connection speed for both methods is very smooth. When I click "connect" on the computer, it completes within two seconds. This aspect deserves praise.

There are no issues with file transfer and clipboard sharing, it feels a bit like Apple's ecosystem.

As for other scenarios, such as gaming, I haven't tried them yet, and I don't have a need for them personally.

Regarding functionality, you can also provide feedback in the group. If you have any needs, you can also raise them, and the developers are quite diligent in resolving issues quickly.

When using this type of software, it's inevitable to worry about security issues. After all, for Android phones to connect, USB debugging needs to be enabled, which carries a certain risk. If you have concerns in this regard, you need to choose carefully.

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