A Special Birthday

Today is my birthday, and I have received many blessings, which makes me very happy. First, there were phone calls bombarding me in the early morning, and then there was a red envelope rain in QQ... When I woke up in the morning, I saw a bunch of birthday wishes.

In the evening, I continued editing the teacher's video in the comprehensive building. Jianguo asked me to go out and see something, and I thought it was something else. When I entered the meeting room, suddenly the lights turned on, and a group of people appeared in front of me. I didn't expect them to prepare a cake for me. It was a surprise, and I was touched!

After eating the cake, we had a small meeting. By the time it ended, it was already past eleven o'clock, but the volunteer teaching team still rode their yellow bikes to go out for skewers. Unexpectedly, halfway through the ride, it started to rain heavily. We had to turn into a house in the experimental field to take shelter from the rain.

When the rain subsided a bit, we continued riding our bikes to the school gate to find something to eat. Fortunately, we found a restaurant that was still open. Everyone ordered barbecue like hungry wolves, and we also ordered a lot of beer. By the time we finished eating, it was already past one o'clock. When we walked back, it started raining again... In the end, we just walked back in the rain, because we were going to get wet sooner or later anyway.

We returned to the dormitory after two o'clock in the morning. When the screen of my phone illuminated the desktop, I thought I had entered the wrong room because the desktop looked very unfamiliar. Just as I was about to turn around, I suddenly realized, wait a minute, I opened the door with my key... When I went back to take a look, the table and walls were covered with sticky notes, on which were written blessings from my classmates in the propaganda department. The tiredness and drunkenness disappeared instantly, and I suddenly felt excited and looking forward to it. I browsed through everyone's messages one by one, gradually losing my sleepiness. So, I picked up my computer and started editing the video. I officially fell asleep after three o'clock, and I want to thank my roommate for not killing me.

Later, I found out that it was Jenny and Sasha who sneaked into the boys' dormitory at night to put up the sticky notes. I was moved~

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