Formal meeting

Today I visited Shero's house, which can be considered a formal meeting. This is the second time we have met, the first time being when I visited Beijing before.

In the afternoon, with a temperature of over 30 degrees, I braved the scorching sun and brought two bottles of Luzhou Laojiao that I had bought, as well as a bag of pomelos and a box of apples from the supermarket. I took a taxi to her house - I had already sent Wu Yi Mountain black tea leaves, Dao Xiang Cun mooncakes, and a fishing toy for Shero's son to her residential area, so I just needed to pick them up when I arrived.

Since it wasn't our first meeting, we weren't very formal with each other. Uncle was preparing the dishes in the kitchen, while Aunt went downstairs to water the vegetables she grew. I sat and played with Shero's son for a while, and then went downstairs to help water the vegetables.

After a short while, the dishes were ready - lamb offal soup and stewed pork ribs. As soon as we sat down, Uncle asked if I wanted to drink alcohol. I thought to myself that I should at least have a little, so I replied, "I can have a little." He happily asked Shero to prepare a glass and went to the cabinet to take out a bottle of homemade white wine, pouring me a full glass. The others were drinking red wine, so they also poured me half a glass of red wine in a tall glass.

Uncle told me that this wine was soaked in honeycomb, which is the residue left after removing the honey. The alcohol content of this 40-degree wine was probably reduced a bit, but it was still around 30 degrees. I usually only drink beer and red wine, rarely touching white wine, but now it seems unavoidable. I reluctantly took a small sip and found that the taste was not bad. It wasn't very spicy or strong after swallowing.

I'm not good at talking, so I silently accompanied them during the meal, clinking glasses back and forth. I had two glasses of white wine and half a glass of red wine, and my head was starting to feel a bit dizzy. Fortunately, I ate a lot of food, so I wasn't completely intoxicated.

After dinner, everyone went to take a shower and tidy up, while I planned to rest in the room. However, as soon as I lay down, I couldn't get up again. I vaguely remember being woken up a few times, but I just went back to sleep each time.

I originally had a gathering with friends at 10 o'clock in the evening, but because of the few glasses of wine I had, I couldn't get up for the second half, so I had to cancel on a few friends, feeling guilty about it. I have to say, this homemade white wine really had a strong aftereffect.

Fortunately, there weren't any major issues throughout the whole process. The next day, I finally managed to get up and take a shower, feeling sorry for the bed.


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