A Dream

I had a dream in the early morning, in which I was a god.

I had a magic box, which was transparent, and inside were moving four-leaf clovers, rare in the world. It had magical powers, and by possessing it, you would have divine power. It could make you teleport instantly, and even become invisible. Without a doubt, the person who obtained it would become the ruler of the world.

In the dream, there were three people, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu. They were all riding tall horses, preparing to conquer the north and south. At that time, Hideyoshi was just a insignificant subordinate of Nobunaga, and although Ieyasu was an ally of Nobunaga, Nobunaga didn't pay him any attention at all, as could be seen from Ieyasu walking behind Nobunaga.

They all knew the well-known secret - finding the magic box would enable them to dominate the world and unify Japan. Nobunaga was full of confidence because in this land, he was the unquestionable overlord. Who would dare to compete with him? His two "subordinates" had their own ulterior motives - who wouldn't want to possess this divinely bestowed power? Who would want to be under someone else's control?

Dada~ Dada... The group rode on horses, searching along the road, which was lined with four-leaf clovers. Nobunaga was at the front.

I observed them from above with a god's perspective, wondering how to play tricks on this group of warlike and treacherous humans.

With a wave of my hand, the road, which was originally covered with four-leaf clovers, turned into wriggling little snakes. Although the snakes were confined in transparent boxes, the sudden change still startled the previously calm horses. Nobunaga reined in his horse, not being startled by the millions of little snakes, but instead dismounted to investigate. He seemed to understand my intention. Indeed, he was a cunning warlord of the Warring States period.

As he dismounted, Hideyoshi and Ieyasu also dismounted and began searching, with even more enthusiasm.

According to legend, among the millions of motionless four-leaf clovers, there was one that could move, and that was the soul of the magic box. But now, all the boxes contained wriggling little snakes. How could they distinguish which one was the magic box? Was it that the movement of a certain snake was different from the others, indicating it was the magic box? Or was it that the scales of a certain snake stood out abnormally, indicating it was the magic box? The three of them were impatient.

What they didn't know was that the snakes in the magic box were peacefully sleeping in the dream! The still ones were the magic boxes.

Seeing them search fruitlessly, it was really boring, so I decided to give them a hint - the magic box emitted a brief and faint light. Even if it was just a momentary flash, it didn't escape the sharp eyes of Hideyoshi. Of course, the cunning Ieyasu also noticed it. He was not far from Hideyoshi, and he had long known that Hideyoshi, a talented general of the time, also had keen insight in this aspect.

What was even more dangerous was that while they discovered this anomaly, they also saw the gaze each other cast. Hideyoshi was the first to get hold of this unique box. Then, he would face a difficult choice - to keep it for himself and become the target of everyone's attacks, or to hand it over to Nobunaga.

In the end, Hideyoshi, who was grateful for Nobunaga's promotion, decided to report it to him.

Nobunaga held it in his hand and played with it, unable to see anything special about this box, so he casually threw it away. The magic box merged into the countless wriggling boxes and disappeared in an instant.

Hideyoshi didn't know whether to be glad or regretful, perhaps like Ieyasu, glad accounted for the majority. Even if he couldn't get the magic box himself, it couldn't fall into the hands of this bloodthirsty devil. Otherwise, there would be no peace in the world. The discarded magic box still had a chance to return to his hands. Thinking of this, a faint smile appeared on the faces of the two men.

They searched for a long time in the place where the magic box disappeared, but they couldn't find a trace of a magic box. Hideyoshi decided to give up, knowing that if it was truly a divine object, it wouldn't follow the usual path. So he followed Nobunaga's footsteps and continued forward.

The calm and steadfast Ieyasu believed that the magic box must be here, or nearby, so he expanded his search range and continued looking.

He was right, the magic box was still in its original place, and in the end, he found it.

He carefully put it in his pocket, preventing others from seeing it. He was extremely excited in his heart, as his era was finally about to come! Just as he was about to try this magic...

The consciousness deep within me awakened: Did I oversleep for so long?

I, a working person, sat up in shock in my dream, turned over and looked at the time, indeed, I was more than half an hour late compared to when the alarm clock rang.

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