It's birthday time again.

Time flies, and I've grown another year older.

If it weren't for Shero's reminder, I wouldn't have known today is my birthday, let alone talk about celebrating it.

I rarely celebrate my birthday, perhaps because I don't have that sense of ceremony. Especially in recent years, with work occupying my body and mind during the day, I hardly have the energy to remember whose birthday it is today or tomorrow. It may seem indifferent to those close to me. But that's just how I am, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Shero secretly bought me a cake and mango pomelo sago dessert, and even bought three portions so I could share them with two other friends, showing great thoughtfulness.

After informing me that today is my birthday, I already guessed that she would buy me a cake, but she adamantly denied it, saying she only bought bubble tea. Unfortunately, just a few minutes after she said that, I received a message from a delivery service, informing me that my order was being delivered. If it was just bubble tea, why would it need to be delivered? I guessed it right.

This message confirmed my guess, but it also dampened my excitement. Surprises are shattered by these "thoughtful reminders" from businesses or platforms. Previously, when I secretly bought something for the other person on Taobao, I planned to give them a pleasant surprise when the delivery arrived, but unexpectedly, the other person received a notification message as soon as I placed the order... Big data and algorithms bring us convenience, but also a lot of troubles, as this is just one example.

The takeaway that was supposed to be delivered within half an hour was delayed and arrived after ten o'clock.


Unboxing, taking out the cake, lighting the candles, turning off the lights. My friend said to make a wish, so I closed my eyes, my mind in chaos, not knowing what to ask for from the heavens. Fortunately, I sorted out my scattered thoughts and made a wish, bringing the birthday ritual to an end.

I don't shy away from sweet things. While many people's faces turn pale at the sight of sugar, I don't care at all. That's why I enjoyed this cake so much. But I don't know if the cake was delicious, or if I was just too hungry, or maybe it was because of Shero. While eating, I also didn't forget to give a little treat to Oreo, a Siamese cat. Her son, Pudding, is too timid and didn't dare to go outside the whole time, so he missed out on the feast.

Tonight is destined to be sleepless. After all, it's already past eleven, and I've eaten such a big piece of cake and a large cup of bubble tea. I hope I can have a good dream in the second half of the night, so that today being my birthday won't be in vain.

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