2021 Physical Examination


After delaying for two months, I finally had my annual medical examination last week. Today, I received a text message informing me that the medical report is ready, so I opened it with a nervous heart.

This year's examination was done at Aikang Guobin. It was my first time doing a medical examination there, so I will briefly record the process of this examination.

I booked a package selected by the company, which mainly included some basic tests. Since there were no specific abnormalities in my body, I didn't add any additional tests. I chose Thursday morning for the appointment, thinking that after the examination, I could still go to work without affecting my normal work or taking up my rest time.

To prevent the examination from taking too long due to a large number of people, I woke up early and took a taxi to Aikang Guobin in Wangjing (Beijing Lidu Branch). I arrived at the examination center at 8:20. After completing the registration, I started the examination step by step according to the process.

I was surprised that Aikang Guobin's efficiency and service were much better than I expected. Before coming, I mentally prepared myself not to expect the process to go smoothly. As long as it didn't affect my mood for the day, it would be fine—I had shadows from previous hospital experiences. Aikang Guobin impressed me in two aspects of the process. One was reflected in the examination checklist, which detailed the list of this examination. There was a column that indicated the upcoming tests, and the physician manually filled in the left side of the tests to be conducted. For example, if "B07" was filled in on the left side of the electrocardiogram, it meant that I would go to room B07 for the electrocardiogram. This small detail was very user-friendly. For a stranger, it created a sense of confirmation and security, so I wouldn't get lost among the many tests or wander around due to unfamiliarity with the place. The other aspect was the enthusiastic and sufficient guidance. There were one or two guides stationed outside almost every department, patiently answering questions from the examinees. Combined with the display screens outside the departments, I could clearly know my position in the queue and roughly estimate the waiting time.

The entire examination took two hours, and the actual examination time was not long. The waiting time was long. The order of the tests was: blood routine -> surgery -> internal medicine -> electrocardiogram -> color ultrasound -> otolaryngology -> CT scan -> general examination of height, weight, blood pressure, etc. -> vision -> ophthalmology -> urine routine -> breakfast after the examination. It was correct to put the urine routine test at the end because if it wasn't for the two-hour examination, I wouldn't have been able to urinate.

After reading the medical report, I found several areas that need attention, such as low body mass index, calcification in the liver, cyst in a certain location, sinus bradycardia... I need to take some time later to recheck these items.

ItemResultReference Range
Height173 cm
Weight49 kg
Systolic BP109 mmHg90.0—139.0
Diastolic BP69 mmHg60.0—89.0

My weight dropped below 100 pounds for the first time, which surprised me. No wonder my family always says I've become thinner every time I go home. Although I argue that I eat well, they never believe me. Now even I have to admit it.

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